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If you are searching for a reliable fence company within Las Cruces, you came to the right place. We, Las Cruces Fence Company, are one of the most trusted and most reputable name in the fence installation industry. We have many years of experience in the service and we have served quite a number of very pleased customers during these years. We have built our name in the business by making partnerships with our clients and delivering projects our customers can be proud of. Countless homes and businesses have benefitted from our outstanding fence installation services.

For modern property owners, fence installation is a necessary step for completion of homes and properties. This is a task that should not be taken lightly. As fence installation is a form of property modification, it is important that projects of these types are left only to professionals. Installing a fence has many advantages. Aside from providing you with much-needed security and privacy, fences offer an additional benefit, enhancing your exterior and adding considerable curb appeal.

We at Las Cruces Fence company know that every client will have distinct needs. It is our commitment and responsibility to make sure that your concerns are addressed. To make sure you get the fence that is right for you, we offer our client many options that would fit their lifestyle, budget, and even personal preferences. There is also a variety of materials available for every type of fence. When it comes to quality, we make sure that only high-grade industry standard materials are used for all of our fence projects. To protect our clients, we only get our materials from reputable and reliable manufacturers and suppliers around.

Despite our many years in the business, we make it our vow to keep our machinery and techniques updated with the latest technology. Innovation always makes room for better products and services, and we believe that our clients only deserve the best. We have a careful planning process and a thorough preparation protocol to make sure that the projects can proceed smoothly from start to finish. We are known for doing our business in such a way that would not interrupt your daily activities.

For many people, it is a common misconception that good quality services are available only to those who can afford it. However, we to disagree. At Las Cruces Fence Company, we make sure that quality services are delivered to you whatever your budget is and however small your project is. Our customers are not only our clients. We consider them as our most important partners in the business. Therefore, in this business, we never skimp on quality.

Our goal is for you to have the fence that is best suited to your needs. If possible, we try to provide you with fences that are not only practical, but also stylish. We know how important home exteriors can be for many of our clients. Moreover, fence installation projects are investments to your property as they can add a great curb appeal in the long run.

We offer you several options for fences. You are free to choose the materials, colors, and even the dimensions of your fences, as long as it does not violate any local restrictions in your area. Different properties will have different needs, and we know. Whether the property is a home, a farm, a commercial building, or even a ball field, Las Cruces Fence Company has it all for you.

For inquiries about our fence installation services, call us at 575-210-5954 for your free estimate.


Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we do give free estimates for our clients no matter how big or small the project is. The process for getting a free estimate is very simple. You may inquire about our services from us directly by sending us a message or giving us a call. We may request more information to you which will be needed when we do a quick site visit. The site visit is where our team would get the necessary measurements and dimensions for your project. The details will be analyzed by our team in the office, who will give the estimate. Call us at 575-210-5954.

How soon can you install my fence?

There are at least three categories when it comes to the length of time for installing fences. some take two to four weeks, while others can be around five to six weeks. we can start within a time frame of two to four weeks if there is no need to fabricate metals or have some complicated permits processed. On the other hand, the expected time frame is five to six weeks if there is need for metal fabrication. Therefore, the time frame is affected by the type of fence and the type of materials that will be needed for installation

How long will my fence installation take?

Usually, the fence installation process itself is comprised of two or three working days that are not consecutive. It is important that these days are not following one another to allow some time for materials to settle. For example, cement needs to be left alone for some time to allow proper drying. Hence, the overall time frame is about one week to account for this. It may take a little bit longer for projects that require more extensive customization. Also, a bigger project with more linear feet in total would need more time to be completed. We allow an additional two to three weeks for those.

Will you obtain a fence permit for my project?

Yes, it is a must for all fence companies to acquire the permits that are needed to proceed with your project. Different neighborhoods may require different permits. Permits also protect you from any future problems such as safety issues or litigations. Please note that we will need your help in securing permits. We need you to provide us with your Signature notarization, Approval from your neighborhood association, Signed forms from your neighbor, and a Mortgage survey. If you have questions about these requirements, feel free to contact us through 575-210-5954 so that we can provide you with more information on these requirements.

What types of fencing materials do you install?

Here is a short list of the different materials we use: wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, SimTek, chain link, and in some cases, even brick. These different materials can serve different purposes. A certain material may be appropriate for a certain type of fence while others might not. The good news is most of these materials may be used for either residential or commercial purposes. The choice of material that would be ideal for you would depend on your needs, preference, and most importantly, budget. For inquiries regarding the materials we use for fence installation, please contact us at 575-210-5954 today.

Are There Legal Restrictions on My Fence?

This is a question which we cannot guarantee a simple “yes” or a “no.” The reason for this is that legal restrictions may substantially vary from area to area. What might be allowed in one area may prohibited in another. For instance, some areas may have zoning ordinances which can limit your fences when it comes to dimensions and placements. There can also be some neighborhoods where only certain designs or colors are allowed. It is always a good practice to check with the laws and ordinances in your area so that any problems in the future may be avoided.

Do I Need to Consult My Neighbors?

No, you do not really need to consult your neighbors, but we strongly recommend that you do. There are typically no written regulations that would straightforwardly require you to do a formal consultation with your neighbor. However, you and your neighbors share some common spaces within your area. Therefore, they may be affected by the commotions happening during the installation processes. It is common courtesy to notify your neighbors and inform them about what is going on. This can help keep them and their children safe. Also, communication with your neighbors can help you live harmoniously as part of your local community.

How Deep Should My Fence Posts Be?

On the average, the depth of the fence posts we install is at approximately three feet. This is more or less, the minimum. However, there will be considerable differences on the exact depth depending on the type of fence you will have installed. The needed depth may also be affected by the type of material to be used. Significant depth is needed so that your fence would be able to stand properly. However, there is no need to worry about the specifics of this installation component because we have an expert team who would be in charge of these technicalities for your convenience.

Should the Fence Touch the Ground?

For most fences and most situations, the simple general response to this question is no. According to our expert team at Las Cruces Fence Company, in an ideal situation the fence material must not be in contact with the ground. The usual reason for this is related to prevention of damage, usually from water. Certain fence material types behave differently from frequent exposure to water. This increases the risk for damage. In some situations, it may be allowed for the fence to touch the ground. In some areas, a without a gap below can help in keeping out small animals.

Does the Weather Affect the Installation?

The short and simple answer to this is yes there is possibility for weather conditions to affect the fence installation process. We at the Las Cruces Fence Company carefully and thoroughly prepares and plans for every project to avoid any problems. The weather condition is one thing that are simply beyond our control. However, we make sure that we are prepared to deal with the situation and that your project will not be damaged even when it rains. Sometimes, we may have to stop the installation process temporarily. However, we still aim to keep up with your schedule despite delays.

What Material Should I Use for My Fence

Ultimately, you as the property owner would be the one who will determine the type of material which you will use for your fence installation project. To help you decide, you must assess your needs and preferences regarding the fence that would like to have. Do you have preference is terms of color? Is durability your priority? Is budget a big consideration? These are some questions that can help guide you in making a decision. For instance, if you like the classic look of wood, consider a cedar wood fence. Or if your need security for a good price, chain link would be a decent choice.

How Tall Should My Fence Be?

Your preferences and the restrictions in your area are the two primary things that can help determine the exact height of your fence. In terms of preference, a good example would be your considerations when it comes to privacy. In this case, a much taller fence can offer more privacy than a shorter one. In terms of the restrictions in your area, you must find out whether there are regulations that limit the height of fences in your neighborhood to specified dimensions. The function of the fence and property type would be important too. For example, back stops in ball fields are considerably tall.

How Long Will the Fence Last?

The lifespan of your fence is dependent on a multitude of factors. If longevity and durability is your primary consideration when it comes to fences, you need to pay attention to which materials are long lasting to help guide your choices. It is no secret that some materials naturally outlast others. Some materials that can last more than a decade are aluminum and vinyl. Other things that can influence the lifespan of your fence is how you maintain them. This may not be applicable for low maintenance fences. Other types, such as wooden fences would need maintenance measures such as yearly repainting.