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Cages and enclosures are used for a variety of purposes and may be made from several different materials. There are many types of cages and enclosures that are available. Some of these are Batting Cages, Tool Cages, Equipment Cages, Safety Enclosures, Dog Cages, Dog Kennel Cages, Pet Safety Cages and even Locker Cages.

Cages and enclosures offer many advantages. For example, since the metals used in cages and enclosures have openings, moisture is not trapped, and fresh air can freely circulate into its interior. At the same time, the contents are secured from tampering or theft.

Most of the time, metal is the primary material used for cages and enclosures. This is because metal is durable enough to protect the whatever is inside the cage or enclosure. Moreover, metal can last for many years. There are different types of metals which can be used. The choice may also depend on whether your cage or enclosure will be located indoors and outdoors. For instance, an outdoor cage or enclosure will need a type of metal that is resistant to rusting due to the presence of more moisture as compared to indoors.

Here are some examples of the cages and enclosures we offer.

Batting cage
Batting cages are also known as batting tunnels. These are enclosed areas for practicing the skill of batting for baseball or softball.

Tool and Equipment cages
These are cages used to store tools, machinery, supplies, and many more. Equipment cages are usually bigger than tool cages. Both should be made with sturdy materials to ensure security.

Locker cages
These can store some athletic equipment or warehouse goods.

Safety enclosures
One of the popular uses of safety enclosures is as a safety measure for trampolines.

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