Cedar Wood Fence Installation Las Cruces

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When property owners are considering having fences installed, a wooden fence is one of the first things that come to mind. This is for good reason: wooden fences are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We, the Las Cruces Fence Company, are skilled and experienced in installing wooden fences anywhere in Las Cruces. One of the types of wood we use for our wooden fences is cedar wood. 

One of the advantages of wooden fences is the classic and natural elegance it brings for any home or property. This is exactly what we aim to deliver to our clients. Moreover, it is good to know that wooden fences come in different types and styles, giving you a chance to customize your own fence according to your liking. 


The wooden fences we install for our customers are made from high quality cedar wood. Cedar is popularly used for fences because it is extremely durable. It can withstand weather conditions and harsh environmental elements for many years, provided that consistent maintenance measures are done. Moreover, it is more cost-efficient when compared to other types of wood. Cedar also has a unique scent which keeps away bugs and insects.

Here are some types of cedar wood fences we offer for you.

Wood privacy fence
This is the ideal choice for those who value privacy above all else. This allows you to completely cover your property and yard since the boards are nail together side by side in a gapless fashion.

Wood decorative fence
This is the perfect choice who want to a subtle elegance to the exterior of their homes. There are options for a semi-privacy fence or even a picket fence.

In case you are looking into having a cedar wood fence installed in your property in Las Cruces, call us at 575-210-5954 today

Cedar Wood Fence