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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when somebody mentions “docks?” For many of us, we will think about seas, oceans, boats, shipping vessels, ports, or even shipyards. We will have an image of a man-made structure that is built above the water. However, docks can be found in places other than shores or sea sides. There are properties such as residential estates, vacation cabins, and homes who have docks installed. These may be seen as extended areas of their property. Most of the time, properties with this structure are adjacent to lakes, ponds, or lagoons. A dock is popular among owners of lake properties.

There are many different kinds of docks which may serve a variety of functions. Some examples are piling docks, floating docks, crib docks, suspension docks, pipe docks, boat lifts, and double decker boat docks. These different types of docks will be composed of different parts. We at the Las Cruces Fence Company would not handle the whole process of dock installation. Instead, we would be assisting you with the installation of parts, accessories, and add-ons for your docks. Some examples of these are fences and handrails which can help add both safety features and decoration to your docks.

Why do people have docks installed? For private property owners, this can serve as a venue for intimate gatherings with family or groups of friends. It can also serve as a place to relax and unwind. Adding fence and handrailing can help make these intimate gatherings even better by adding a unique safety feature. Active toddlers and children can be kept safe from accidentally falling into the water. Other dock parts we offer include dock fenders, boat docks, dock ladders, bumpers, dock hardware, floating dock kit, and dock floats. For docks parts installation, call Las Cruces Fence Company at 575-210-5954.
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