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Cleanliness and orderliness of the surroundings is very important nowadays. Keeping your environment neat and tidy is important in making your area beautiful. In addition, concern for environmental sanitation is vital for health reasons. This is the importance of dumpster enclosures. Dumpster enclosure do not only keep the garbage out of sight. It also prevents unwanted materials from scattering and polluting the environment.

Naturally, dumpsters are not the prettiest thing around. With the help of dumpster enclosures, it is possible to provide a pleasant-looking exterior to your properties while also hiding the unsightly dumpsters. In addition, dumpster enclosures also offer protection for scavenging animals or from people who going through your garbage. Besides these, it is good to know that dumpster enclosures can also serve as a buffer against harsh weather conditions.

At the Las Cruces Fence Company, we have devised a thorough protocol to optimize the process of dumpster enclosure installation for you. This includes getting accurate measurements. Also, we need to know which type of gate would be best for your setting. Even the detailed parts such as the kinds of latches and hinges are carefully planned.

To suit the different needs and budgets of our clients, we have different types of dumpster enclosures available. This includes Brick Dumpster Enclosure, Steel and Aluminum Dumpster Enclosure, Vinyl Dumpster Enclosure, and Chain Link Dumpster Enclosure

Brick Dumpster Enclosure
If you want a dumpster enclosure guaranteed to last for years and decades, we recommended to you this brick type.

Steel and Aluminum Dumpster Enclosure
Made from high-grade industrial steel and aluminum, this type is a great choice especially when durability is your priority.

Vinyl Dumpster Enclosure
Vinyl is a very reliable, yet inexpensive material for those who aim to completely cover up their dumpsters.

Chain Link Dumpster Enclosure
If privacy is not an issue, chain link is a great budget friendly option.

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Dumpster Enclosures Installation