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In some cases, one of the most important determining factors when choosing a fence type is the location of your property. This is because the function of a fence may differ from location to location. For example, in suburban neighborhoods, the main reason for getting fences installed is for security and privacy of your home and family. In other locations, the biggest consideration may be safety reasons. A good example of this situation is for homes and commercial sites that are located near major roads and thoroughfares.

The type of fence suitable for such situation is known as guard rails. This can add a layer of protection for the property and the people in it. Road accidents are not limited to the road itself. There may be situations where a fast-moving vehicle veers off course and slides to the opposite lane or even on the side of the road. This is why there are many cases where cars or trucks crash into homes or businesses at the side of the road. Thankfully, not many people get hurt when there are proper guard rails installed in these areas.

We at the Las Cruces Fence Company can offer you some choices for guard rails. To help you decide, a description is provided for each one.

Three-strand cable
Three-strand cable guard rails are very simple, and inexpensive. Although it might not offer protection as reliable as wood or steel guard rails.

Wood guard rails
This is made from high grade lumber that is designed to be durable enough to absorb the impact from vehicles.

Steel guard rails
If you have the budget for it, steel guard rails can offer the highest tier of protection when it comes to road accidents.

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