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In general, metal has always been a prime option for many property owners when it comes to fencing materials. Nowadays, steel and aluminum are among the most popular metal types used in the fence industry. The unique appeal of these metals is that it adds a subtle but graceful sophistication to any property.

Many years ago, iron and wrought iron was the common metal used for fences. These are both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. However, to everyone’s disappointment, they are almost always destined to rust.

Thankfully, innovation has allowed for newer and more durable metals when it comes to fencing materials. Among the types of metals that resulted from these developments are steel and aluminum. Steel and aluminum, just like iron, can be molded and fabricated into many intricate designs. However, steel and aluminum are much more sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. At our company, steel and aluminum materials for your fence needs come only from the best providers in the industry. When it comes to quality, our clients only deserve the best there is.

If you are having trouble in choosing between steel and aluminum, we can help you with your decision. Here is a short comparison of these two for your convenience. Steel and aluminum are top-of-the line metals in terms of durability when compared to conventional fence materials like wood or chain link. If you are looking for something that is totally resistant to rusting, aluminum is most likely the best choice for you. Steel may rust, but this can be avoided by coating it with a special chemical substance. When it comes to value for money, they are equally superb. Steel is more durable and more resistant to forces when compared to aluminum but also a little pricier. Both types can be fabricated into ornamental patterns for additional curb appeal. For steel or aluminum fence installation in Las Cruces, call us at 575-210-5954.
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