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Sports are among the favorite pastimes of Americans. Over the years, one of the sports that has gained popularity in the country is tennis. More and more people are having tennis courts installed into their homes. Others open resorts that have tennis courts in them. If you are one of the people who ventured into adding tennis courts to your property, you might be needing a fence to go with it for safety reasons. If you are not familiar with fence types for tennis courts, we at Las Cruces Fence Company can help you with that.

The perfect tennis court fence that would best suit you depends on many factors. One of which is the type of property you have. For instance, there are different fence types that would be suitable to an indoor tennis court, but not to an outdoor one. Also, if your property is an that has a series of tennis courts in it, there is a specific fence type you should consider

Generally, the primary purpose of fences for tennis courts is keeping the balls from going outside of the court. Tennis court fences may be produced using a variety of materials. Examples are steel, aluminum, chain link, vinyl, wood, and Trex fencing. If privacy is your main priority when playing tennis, you should consider using food for your fence. Another practical option when it comes to privacy us vinyl. However, the most common material used for tennis courts is still chain link. It gives prime security to your court, a classic like, and an open view. Metals like aluminum or steel are ideal if your priority is both form and function. If you have particular considerations for being environment-friendly, you might want to consider Trex fencing. This option is both durable and eco-friendly. Call us at 575-210-5954 and get a free estimate today.
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